50 Earth Angel Signs & What To Do If You Are One

Are you a kindhearted and optimistic person who feels at your best when you’re helping people? Then you may be an earth angel.

Earth angels are people who love to help humanity, nature, and animals in any way that they can.

There are many similar terms (starseeds, rainbow child, etc.), so it can be hard to know if you are one or not.

Also, a lot of earth angels face some confusion during their lives about what their actual goal on earth is. 

This article explores what earth angels are and what their purpose is.

Let’s dive in!

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50 Earth Angel Signs

What is an earth angel?

While the word angel conveys an image of a person with wings of light, the term earth angel has a different meaning.

An earth angel is no different from an average person in terms of appearance.

Prominent earth angel signs include an empathetic and sensitive nature and a willingness to help and give to others.

Earth angels also share specific characteristics with their spiritual counterparts.

This includes a will to support people in the pursuit of their life’s goals and the possession of a very good-natured core. 

It is not out of the ordinary, however, to deal with inevitable lows in your spirit or mood as an earth angel.

For example, from time to time, you may feel the need to recharge if you’ve been giving too much of yourself recently.  

Don’t be discouraged from helping people because that would amount to fighting your true nature. Instead, make sure you take the time to relax, meditate, and raise your vibrations.

What are earth angel signs?

Earth angel signs are certain traits observed by various gurus and teachers as an indicator of a particular type of person.

The prominent eath angel signs revolve around a willingness to help out and heal the world.

Earth angels bear a lot of similarities with other spiritual beings like Starseeds.

In fact, a lot of Earth angels are Starseeds. If you’re curious about your earth angel mission, it may help to get a free numerology report.

It will give you many insights about yourself, like what life path you’re on, your soul urge, and other unique characteristics that you possess.

50 earth angel signs

50 Clear Signs You Are An Earth Angel

  • You have a natural tendency to figure problems out on your own, with very little help from others.
  • You have a strong urge to stick up for people who have been treated badly.
  • You have had experiences in your life where things occurred (such as psychic or angelic phenomena) with no proof or explanation possible.
  • You are highly sensitive to sound, light, energy, and textures.
  • You have a connection to a higher cause.
  • Animals and nature have a deep connection to your heart.
  • You have a talent that allows you to express yourself in a unique way. For example, you might excel in language-related skills like poetry, songwriting, blogging, or storytelling.

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  • You show concern over issues that do not directly affect you.
  • You try to guide and direct people that require your guidance.
  • You feel free to walk your own path regardless of whether you receive support or not
  • You are sensitive to people’s emotions and risk losing out yourself to make someone else feel happy.
  • You are drawn to the occult and chose to dabble in crystals, herbs, or magic even at a young age.
  • The bigger picture is always stuck in your psyche, whatever the circumstances.
  • You dislike unnecessary drama and anything that can dampen your vibes.
  • One of the most prominent earth angels signs is a deep sensitivity that can cause you to cry at the slightest provocation.

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  • You impulsively perform various acts of kindness like opening doors for strangers or helping little children with tasks.
  • You don’t allow your vibes to be disturbed by anything, and you try to raise your vibrations and keep them that way.
  • You are more immune to aging than most.
  • Your understanding of who you are can make people who do not have that understanding mislead you and see you as a bad person.
  • At a young age, earth angels tend to be diagnosed with various cognitive disorders and may have a difficult time during adolescence.
  • You have a very active imagination.
  • You are directly connected to the source and the 7th and 9th dimensions.
  • You feel pressured to point out the truths that everyone seems to ignore.
  • You are the source of your joy, and you have a high vibration.

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  • Even though confrontation doesn’t come easily to you, you understand that it grants room for conversation and understanding.
  • You have an instinctive understanding of humans and can often easily figure out parts of them they need to correct.
  • You can be self-absorbed, sometimes wanting to be left alone so that you can focus more easily.
  • A key earth angel sign is that earth angels excel in mediation and arbitration roles.
  • You are open to learning and want to listen and read new information in a bid to broaden your consciousness.
  • You’re open to correction, and you try to learn from your mistakes.
  • One of the most obvious earth angel signs is your powerful intuition.
  • You don’t compete with anyone but yourself.
  • You have problems with your three lower chakras, especially the root chakra.
  • You’re down to earth, and you’re rarely interested in vanity.
  • You have a deep understanding of your mission to help humanity as a whole.
  • You offer solutions and try to help people in any way that you can.
  •  People in your life know that you can always be counted on for support.
  •  You always look to improve the status quo.
  •  You are used to being the one who helps and can feel a bit confused when help is freely offered to you.
  • You can be pretty insecure in your relationships. You often pick up signs that your partner may leave, which may not always be true.

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  • You have a grace that inspires people, and you can lift people’s energy and spirit without much effort.
  • You accept people exactly as they are and encourage people to be themselves more often.
  • You are very optimistic.
  • You think in terms of possibility and potential.
  • You feel drawn to and interested in topics that address healing either in medicine, spirituality, or mental health. 
  • People seek you out to lessen their burdens.
  • You are usually very undisciplined when it comes to routines, meetings, and similar commitments.
  • There’s a history of addiction in your family.
  • You don’t like to be a part of a group because you feel overwhelmed by the energy of so many different people.
  • You have a big impact on situations or people’s lives, but it’s in subtle ways that will not draw much attention to yourself.

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What to do if you’re an earth angel

Earth angels are naturally very empathetic people that always want to help out wherever they are needed.

There are at least eight distinct kinds of earth angels, and each has different personalities and roles they choose.

Earth angels are special beings, and their role is to help people fulfill their life purposes in any way that they can. However, there are certain identifiable roles that they play in people’s lives. They are:


The value of a sympathetic ear in a time of need cannot be overemphasized.

As an earth angel, because of your empathetic nature, people are drawn to you and want to share their deepest and most personal issues.

This makes it remarkably easy for you to make new connections, but you have to be wary of your energy being drained by people looking to confide in you.

It’s important to set clear boundaries where you notice this happening.


As an earth angel, your natural disposition makes it very difficult for you to ignore suffering, so healing comes naturally to you.

This urge to heal can be felt towards humans, animals, and even nature.

If you see a plant wilting, you water it and put it in the sunlight, and if you see anybody suffering in an area in which you have some level of knowledge or expertise, you try to help them out.

Keep in mind that you are not responsible for everyone. It is inevitable to find some people you cannot help, so try not to get too disappointed or discouraged when it happens.


One of the most noticeable earth angel signs is nurturing. As an earth angel, nurturing comes naturally to you.

You love to help raise and protect anything in need of care and protection. You provide care to humans, animals, and plants alike.


As an earth angel, you are passionate about justice and will stand against injustice wherever you find it. Injustice and inequality bother you, and you do your best to do something about it.


As an earth angel, you have a very high creative energy that you use to broadcast your intentions.

There are earth angels that are prominent actors, artists, magicians, and authors, and they use their various gifts to make the world a better place. 


What are the different types of earth angels?

Although not originally grouped, earth angels may be categorized by the services that they prefer to offer to humanity.

According to Tanya Carroll Richardson, there are eight different types of earth angels. These are:

  • listener 
  • healer 
  • nature 
  • activist
  • creative 
  • animal
  • busy bee 
  • caregiver

How do I deal with depression as an earth angel?

Depression is a very troublesome phenomenon in general.

Among earth angels, it is sometimes in response to a feeling of being drained emotionally by giving too much of yourself to others.

For every gift, there is a corresponding duty. So for positive earth angel signs like empathy, compassion, and healing, there is the corresponding duty to care for your own mental health.

You should set your boundaries at your limit. Also, proper meditation and reciting affirmations can help you heal your spirit, body, and soul.

How do you know what type of earth angel you are?

There are many earth angel types that have lots of traits that you might recognize in yourself.

These can help you figure out which kind of earth angel you are. 

However, sometimes the signs aren’t obvious.

If the signs leave you feeling a bit unsure about what kind of earth angel you are, you can check out your numerology by getting a free numerology readingNumerology is ideal for identifying hidden traits and callings that can lead you to your true nature.


Earth angels are empathetic people with a will to do good. They have a will and urge to help people on Earth.

There are various earth angel signs, and they are rooted in certain earth angel traits, such as a willingness to help people and provide empathy. 

Earth angels care for both humans and nature. As a result, they play significant roles in the lives of humans, animals, and plants alike.

They play the roles of nurturer, healer, listener, and activist.

Lastly, as an Earth Angel, from time to time, you may feel exhausted from giving too much of yourself to people.

To combat this, you should perform exercises that will help you heal your aura and raise your vibrations.

Do you think you may be an earth angel? Let us know which signs you recognized in the comments!


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  1. Bobby Moon 🌙🌚

    Empathetic , occult white Magik herbal Magik I do I’m a music artist who spirit journals my lyrics not once have I wrote my story its just there in my inner self my mother I I was adopted she was a drug addict and so am I but I’m clean now wanting nothing more the to help be a gaurdian Angel for whoever needs me I want to he there as well as my intuition is always super strong !! I love nature and people to much people is very I’ mean very overwhelming at time I have heightened six sense at curtain times I am extremely empathetic I can look at some one in there eyes and I can feel there every emotion too so yes I believe I could very well be a earth Angel 😇

  2. LizaJane

    I became aware of myself 4 months ago. I now know I’m an earth angel. A very powerful one. I encompass the qualities of all 8 types of earth angel

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical, thanks for sharing!

  3. kanchu10

    I like this website. very interesting

  4. Sharon Davis

    I only recently became aware I might be an incarnation Angel..I am a teacher, guide in training. I manage a large staff of 60 people in a senior living facility. I mentor staff and during my nearly 23 years I have had over 200 souls transition from this place of love and comfort that I and the other Souls who came and have stayed here with me have created for them…most of the signs I’ve read are me, and this weekend. I was helping someone find their cat…it wasn’t their cat, but they thanked me and ended the conversation…you are an angel. The next dat I watched a Gaia presentation that discussed Soul origins..star seed and angel incarnations….as I researched most of the signs were descriptive of me…I’m still in shock and can’t process this possibility…

  5. CINDY

    God Bless the divine

  6. Jabarian

    I am an Incarnated Angel (Earth Angel) I know my mission, it is to bring light to darkness in situations and guide people through life either to god, to the truth, or through life’s journey and If you are an earth angel like me, spread your wings spread your light, and always remember you are never alone.

    1. Julia Lundin

      Magical, thanks for sharing!

    2. Renada

      I have a hard time understanding this?

  7. Renada,

    I don’t even fell comfortable sharing . Just at a crossroads I should be able to steer thru although fear in all aspects are a little too much . I know the answer but unsure how to cope at this moment . I was more comfortable just thinking I was weird and different and avoiding people in situations and needing to be alone or easier … coping, mechanisms, and shielding. We’re always more comfortable.

  8. Eenada

    Is it just coincidence? I hate my feet. I feel the vibrations and the energy and see other dimensions in realms and not the physical? Is it coincidence of my eyes are green blue and gold. But depends on my mood they turn gray. Is it weird that I seem to be a garbage dump for peoples emotions and feelings and innermost troubling details of life that I’m so empathic I can’t watch the news and holding a job and being part of the average society person is extremely hard for me to do put my name in ruins to be reborn and I was born to a minister. That I look like him in my early to mid 30s when I am 43 and that I can communicate and feel the connection between me and people that I’ve left this earth. And then I feel like I’ve lived other lives in this one, and that there’s been so many situations and more bad than good tthings happen in my life to the extreme into the abundance compared to the average person. ?

  9. Phil

    Now I know why I always feel so different from others. I have all the traits listed and get criticised for always giving my time for no financial reward. My wife is the same and has affinity with plants but is impatient with people particularly if they do not share her values. I am more tuned into people, am advanced trained in coaching, training, mentoring in life, career, conflict and golf psychology. My sister is a talented medium. At 76 I now look at a world I do not recognise, people who are selfish and uncaring and feel so angry. How does one handle this.

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