99 Digital Nomad Jobs – The Complete List 2024

“Julia, how can I leave my office job and travel the world like you?”

This is the most common question I get from my followers. The good news is that there are many paths a digital nomad can take.

In this post I will share with you a whopping 99 digital nomad jobs and income ideas that can finance your travels in 2021.

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Let’s dive in!

99 Digital Nomad Jobs and Income Streams

Digital Nomad Jobs and Income Streams in Marketing

  • SEO Specialist

Search engine optimization specialists, or SEO specialists, help companies analyze their websites to increase page rankings on search engines.

  • Digital Marketer

A digital marketer uses digital channels to generate leads and build brand awareness. Daily tasks could be everything from writing newsletters, managing Facebook ads to proposing partnerships with sponsors.

  • Email Marketing Specialist

An email marketing specialist helps companies take care of email lists, write email content, increase opening rates and other email-related tasks.

  • Trend Forecaster

If you are analytical and media-savvy then this job might be something for you. A trend forecaster is responsible for spotting new patterns in people’s attitudes before they turn into mainstream concepts.

  • Start an ad agency

Create advertisements for companies. Starting an ad agency can be a low-cost start-up but bear in mind that competition is high.

  • Community Manager/Online Moderator

Manage and engage with companies’ online communities. It often involves replying to comments and messages on their social media channels.

  • Search Engine Evaluator

A popular side job that can be done from anywhere. You evaluate search engine results to determine if they are relevant or not to the term typed in. Appen and Lionbridge are the biggest Search engine evaluator companies.

  • Network Marketing

You promote and sell a company’s products and/or services and build a team of other distributors under your own network. The more team members you have under you, the greater your income potential. Be careful and do your research about the company, as pyramid schemes are common.

  • Social Media Manager

Help companies with their social media. This job is a great fit for digital nomads as it can be done from anywhere and posts can be scheduled in advance. This is one of my income streams as a digital nomad. I can highly recommend this Social Media Marketing course by Tai Lopez.

  • Affiliate Marketer

Another popular job for nomadic souls. An affiliate marketer promotes other company’s products online and earns a commission for every sale they make.

Digital Nomad Jobs and Income Streams in Writing and Translation

  • Copywriter

A commercial writer who writes advertising texts to convince customers how good a product or service is. There are many courses on how to develop your copywriting skills and how to land a job on Udemy.

  • Translator

Are you multilingual? Then this job could be for you. This job is super common amongst digital nomads, and one of the first jobs I had when I got started as a digital nomad. The place to be for translators is ProZ.com. If you want to make this your full-time income, then I highly recommend investing in a translation software such as SDL Trados or MemoQ. Stand out and increase the likelihood of getting hired by focusing on one or a few niches.

  • Proofreader

Proofread translations. Translators often offer this service as well. Sign up to Proz.com to get started.

  • Transcriber

Transcribe audio files! A popular and flexible remote job.

  • Blogger

Start a blog and make money from affiliate links, ads, collaborations with brands and/or by selling your own products. It can be a very rewarding job but takes a long time to build up to a full-time income. So if this is your big dream, don’t quit your main job just yet.

  • E-book Author

Write and sell e-books on Amazon or your website if you have one. Passive income, woohoo!

  • Travel Writer

Write articles for travel magazines and travel websites. I have a friend who is a travel writer – she flies around the world writing articles for travel companies and often gets paid to attend retreats and sometimes they even pay flights. However, competition is fierce, and it can get exhausting to constantly hunt for writing gigs.

  • Technical Writer

Write instruction manuals, journal and other documents to communicate complex and technical information. Work directly for a company or sign up for a freelancer website.

  • Scriptwriter

Write custom video, podcast or sales scripts as a freelancer and offer your services on a freelancer website, such as Fiverr.

  • Journalist

Print might be dying but you can always become an online journalist and write for e-magazines.

Digital Nomad Jobs and Income Streams in Video and Animation

  • Animator

Create logo animations, GIFs and animation videos on Upwork or Fiverr. If you work as an animator at a company you might be able to negotiate a remote work contract.

  • Photographer

Travel the world, take photos, and get money doing it! Being a photographer is a dream for many. This might be the most competitive digital nomad job, but not impossible if you have the drive and passion.

  • Videography

Create videos for companies or weddings.

  • Video editor

If you have experience editing videos, why not advertise it and get paid for doing it? The biggest freelancer websites are Upwork and Fiverr.

  • Selling stock photos/videos

Sell your photos and videos on stock photography websites. Alamy is the biggest, and sellers earn 50% of every sale. Other big websites are Getty Images, iStock Photo, and Adobe Stock.

Digital Nomad Jobs and Income Streams in Programming & Tech

  • Web Developer

One of the most common digital nomad jobs. High-paying and in demand – I wish I loved programming! A web developer creates or improves websites. This is done using programming code such as HTML5 and Javascript.

  • App developer

Develop apps on iOS and Android! There are tons of affordable app development courses on Udemy and Udacity.

  • Web designer

Are you both tech-savvy and creative? Then this might be worth looking into. Web designers plan, create and code websites, many of which combine text with sounds, photos, graphics, and videos.

  • Computer Troubleshooting Technician

Love troubleshooting computers? You can do this remotely!

  • WordPress Developer/Designer

Nowadays it is a must for businesses of all sizes to have a website, and many companies choose to outsource this. WordPress is a popular open-source website creation tool, and being able to help put together a WordPress webpage is a valuable skill you can get paid for.

  • Computer Programmer

Computer programmers create codes that powers websites and apps. Coding Nomads runs online courses where you can learn how to code and travel the world.

  • Software Engineer

Creates programs and software. Requires an engineering degree.

Digital Nomad Jobs and Income Streams in Ecommerce

  • Dropshipping

One of the most common digital nomad jobs. When I attended The Nomad Summit in Chiang Mai, it seemed like half of the attendants owned dropshipping stores. You open an online store, but instead of keeping the products you sell, the product is sent directly from the manufacturer when sold. This means very few up-front costs and risks. Most dropshippers build their store using Shopify. There are many courses online you can take to learn the ropes. I had a dropshipping store at one point and I can highly recommend this course for beginners.

  • Sell your own products in an online shop

Open up an online shop and sell products or services! You can make products yourself or import.

  • Amazon FBA Seller

Super common digital nomad job, and can be very profitable. Here is a step by step guide on how to sell on Amazon.

  • Ecommerce Expert

With the rise of dropshipping stores and online stores in general, people turn to the experts to stand out from the competition. If you own or have owned a profitable online store, then you can use this knowledge you have gained to help improve others online stores.

  • Print on Demand shop

Sell your own designs on t-shirts, mugs and other products. The supplier packages and ships products out directly to your customer, so no need to keep an inventory. Super easy to get started – simply create a store using Shopify and then connect Printful or Printify. The profit margins are small but is you find a winning product then you can make a lot of money. On a train from Bangkok, I met a digital nomad with a print on demand store, and he earned a very comfortable income from this, which made it possible for him to travel full-time over the world with no other income stream.

  • Etsy store owner

Sell your homemade products on the popular marketplace Etsy.


Digital Nomad Jobs and Income Streams as an Influencer/Public Figure

  • Youtuber/Vlogger

Pick a niche you are passionate about and upload content on Youtube regularly and you might one day be able to make money from sponsorships and Google Ad Sense (ads shown on your videos).

  • Instagram Influencer

Do you have a big Instagram following? Then you can make big money creating sponsored posts for companies in your niche who want to collaborate with you, to get more exposure for their products.

  • Public Speaker

If you are a public figure you can travel around the world and give talks at conferences, panels, and summits about your area of expertise.

  • Brand Ambassador/Reviewer

Sign up with a review site to test and review products and get paid to do it. Sometimes you get to keep the product too!

  • Freelance Model

Instead of signing with a model agency you can become a model who works independently. 

Digital Nomad Jobs and Income Streams in Graphics & Design

  • Graphic Designer

I have met many freelance graphic designers on the road. You don’t necessarily need a degree, as long as you have built up an attractive portfolio. However, bear in mind that since there are so many freelance designers, the competiton is tough.

  • Product Designer

Here we are not talking about building physical products, but digital products for the web and mobile.

  • UX/UI Designer

If you have a design background, a desire to work in tech and an interest in digital products, then this could be a job for you. A UX designer’s job is to ensure that a product makes sense to the user. This is done by creating a path that logically flows from one step to the next. A UI designer makes sure each page visually communicates that path. The typical salary range is between 100-150 usd/hour.

  • Illustrator

Create beautiful illustrations in Photoshop for companies.

Digital Nomad Jobs and Income Streams in Business & Finance

  • Trader/Cryptocurrency

A risky income stream that requires a lot of capital. Buy and sell stocks, cryptocurrency or other financial assets on a short-term basis to make quick profits.

  • Remote Customer Service

I see more and more remote customer service jobs popping up on job boards. You can also offer this service as a freelancer on Fiverr.

  • Virtual Assistant

A freelancer who helps companies with various business support tasks, so the business owners can focus on building their business. Examples of services a VA can offer are data entry, blogging, customer service and copywriting.

  • Data Entry

Enter or update data into a computer database or spreadsheet.

  • Public Relations

Build and maintain a positive public image for a company or organization. This can be done as a freelancer or you could work directly for a company that lets you work remotely.

  • Resume writer

Can you write killer resumes? Help clients write, improve and proof-read their resumes. You can offer this service on Fiverr.

  • Sales

Help companies with cold calling, lead generation and other sales-related tasks. As long as you have a phone and a stable internet connection you are good to go!

  • Business Consultant

A business consultant analyzes businesses, comes up with solutions to problems, and helps businesses develop efficient plans for meeting their goals.

  • Accountant

An accountant is a person whose work it is to inspect, keep or adjust accounts. You may associate this job with offices, but can absolutely be done online.

  • Business Analyst

A business analyst analyzes the current state of the business and then suggests steps that can improve the efficiency of the organization. Most business analysts have a degree in business administration, finance or accounting. You can become a freelancer or work directly for a company. If you want to work for a company, you can check out job boards for remote work or get an office job and then down the line try to negotiate a remote working agreement.

  • Recruiter

Help companies with recruiting. This one is quite common on job boards but you can also work as a freelancer.

  • Mortgage Broker

A mortgage broker is basically a middleman between the homeowner and the bank or mortgage lender. The mortgage broker works directly with both the consumer and the bank to help consumers qualify for a mortgage, whether it is a purchase mortgage or a refinance. Many mortgage brokers choose to work remotely.

  • Branding Expert

Become a freelance branding expert and help companies improve their brand image.

  • Legal Counselling

Yes, even lawyers can be digital nomads! I met one in Malta. You can give legal advice, draft customized contracts, help with legal research, etc. You will, of course, need a law degree.

  • Bookkeeper

The main role of a bookkeeper is to handle the day-to-day task of recording financial transactions, including purchases, sales, receipts, and payments.

  • Telemarketer

Promote and sell products or services by phone. You can work directly for a company or as a freelancer on Fiverr.

  • Project Manager

More and more project managers choose to lead their teams remotely. A downside is that you won’t be able to maintain your usual working schedule when you travel in other time zones, so be prepared for late night and early morning meetings.

  • Chat Agent

Give customer service through live chat. Especially common in the betting industry. Many chat agents work remotely.

  • Career Advisor

Help people apply for jobs or give them interview tips.

Digital Nomad Jobs and Income Streams in Education

  • Online Teacher/Tutor

Whatever skills you have there are probably people out there who would pay to learn. Most teachers are in the language or coding niche. I have been teaching Swedish online for one and a half years now, on the popular language-learning platform Italki. You set your own rates and record an introduction video. No education needed and you don’t need to pay anything to join. Bear in mind that you need a strong internet connection since the lessons are carried out through video calls.

  • Online Course Creator

Create courses and sell on your own website or on Udemy. Takes time to create but once you have built a successful one you have a passive income!

  • Yoga Teacher

If you have a yoga teacher certification you can travel around the world and teach yoga at retreats. You can also create yoga courses online or give private lessons through Skype.

Passive Income & Investing Ideas

  • Real Estate Investing

Investing in real estate is a popular way of earning passive income. I bought an apartment 2 years ago that I now rent out and get some passive income from every month.

  • House Flipping

House flipping basically means buying property at a discount price and then quickly selling for profit.

  • Website Flipping

Same principle as house flipping, but with websites. Flippa is the largest website for buying and selling websites.

  • Peer to Peer Lending

On peer-to-peer lending websites, you can lend money to people and businesses and get great returns, without relying on banks. Here is a list of the best peer-to-peer landing sites.

  • AirBnB

If you own a property you can rent it out on Airbnb as a side hustle. To really make this a passive income, let an Airbnb property management company in your town take care of everything – cleaning, checking in guests, restocking household items and accepting new guests.

  • Invest in a business

This one is risky, but the return can be great. Here are the 2 types of investments you can make in a small business.

  • Dividend stocks

In Chiang Mai, I met a couple who are traveling the world with the passive income they get from their dividend-paying stocks.

  • Storage rentals

My last passive income/investment idea is investing in storage rentals. You can invest in storage rentals via a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust).  FundRise invests in storage rentals and you can get started for as little as 500 dollars.

Digital Nomad Jobs and Income Streams in Audio

  • Voice over Talent

Voice over artists does voiceovers in commercials and other video productions. To get started, all you need is a good audio recording setup. This might never become your main income, but if you have a unique voice, it could be an easy side job.

  • Music Producer

Have music in your blood? Produce and mix music as a freelancer for clients. Sign up for Fiverr, set your rates and create your ad.

  • Licensing music

Sell your songs on Audio Jungle or Pond5.

  • Podcasting

Start a podcast and make money from sponsorships.

Digital Nomad Jobs and Income Streams in Fun and Lifestyle

  • ASMR artist

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and often involves whispering and tapping which creates a relaxed feeling. The ASMR community on Youtube is huge. You can become an ASMR artist there or create personalized ASMR videos and sell on Fiverr.

  • Astrologer

Have you ever said “You are such a Scorpio!”, or “I’‘m not feeling well, must be the Mercury retrograde.”? If this is you and you love astrology, then why not become a certified astrologer? You can offer astrology consultations where you analyse your clients birth charts and horoscopes.

  • Gaming Coach

Yes, apparantly this is a thing! I found freelancers offering this service on Fiverr. So if you are obsessed with Fortnight, coaching others how to level up can actually earn you some side money.

  • Event Planner

Event planning can be done remotely, so if you are creative and an organizing junkie, this could be something for you. You can plan weddings, parties, corporate retreats, birthdays, fundraisers – the options are endless. Here are 10 steps on how to become an event planner.

  • Stylist

Help clients style clothes they own, assess their wardrobes and shop for new pieces. All in the comfort of your own home or on a beach in Thailand.

  • Dating Coach

Are you the person your friends come for love advice? Then a career as a dating coach might be something for you! If you offer your sessions online you can do it as a digital nomad.

  • Online Healer

This profession is of course not for everyone, but if you already are working successfully as a healer then there is no reason why you can’t do it online, if the healing can be received remotely. Massage, acupuncture and reiki might not be possible online, but sound healing, past life healing and twin flame healing is. One of my friends is a sound healer and just started offering this service online with great results.

  • Personal Trainer/Coach

If you are a fitness trainer or coach you can create online courses or offer private sessions through Skype.

  • Nutritionist/Health Coach

I have a health coach and she does all her private sessions online through Skype.

  • Interior Designer

Yes, apparantly interior designers can work remotely!

  • Genealogist

A genealogist does research on clients’ family trees. You can offer this service at the freelancer website Fiverr.

  • Fashion Designer

Design fashion collections or fashion prints. Not a common digital nomad profession but absolutely possible to do online if you already have fashion design experience.

  • Housesitter

When homeowners go on vacations they can make sure the house, plants and pets are taken care of by finding a house sitter. Not technically a job, but a good way to save money when traveling, as you get accommodation for free.

  • Travel Agent

Freelance travel agents work like any other travel agent and help clients book tickets, hotels, trips and help with tour planning. If this sounds tempting you can read more about this profession here.

  • Online Therapist

More and more people turn to therapy online, so if this is your field of work, why not start offering your sessions online?

  • Marriage Counselor

Just like therapy, this can be done online through video calls.

  • Greeting Card creator

As you can see I am starting to run out of ideas…

  • Your current job online

Most office jobs nowadays can be done online. So if you like your current job, why not try to negotiate a remote work agreement with your boss?


Phew! Those were the 99 ideas of digital nomad jobs I came up with.

I recommend you choose several income streams, so that you won’t go broke should one of them fail.

Want to become a digital nomad already within 6 months? Then check out my new course Cubicle to Digital Nomad!


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